About Gourmet Diva Inc.

With style and sophistication Gourmet Diva plans to entertain, educate, empower and unite community residents, business, and entrepreneurs through the medium of great food. We will enlighten each relationship we build to stretch the boundaries of their senses, remove the fears of trying something new, and enjoy life. Flaunt your inner diva!
-The Gourmet Diva


Through our cooking classes and events we are the leader of Culinary Edutainment (Education + Entertainment). Time to learn and have fun at the same time. We specialize in nutrient dense, non-processed cooking that is not only healthy and nutritious but is also delicious!

We love partnering with brands, talented creatives, and entrepreneurs in new and unique ways that really make an impact. Get in touch and let's create something amazing together!

We are New York City M/WBE Certified


Meet Chef Keesha

Founder & Executive Chef

Hey!  I'm Keesha nice to meet you!

I'm a natural foods chef, vibrant living lover, empowered educator, and a good food seeker. I'm passionate about helping people gain healthy, vibrant lives through nutritious whole foods.

I work with people who love good food but also want to look and feel their personal healthiest. If you are bold, busy, curious, concerned about our community AND you love a good laugh, we’ll get along great. Whether you are looking to uplevel the health of your staff in your business or if you are looking for support for you and your family you are in the right place.

Do you want to feel healthy and energized but right now you feel sluggish and stressed?
Do you know it’s time to make some changes to your food choices but don’t know where to start?  
Would you love home cooked meals, but just don’t have the time/energy/creativity to cook all the time?
Are you looking for simple, creative and nutritious solutions to add to your life or business?

If you answered yes then let’s get to know each other..

I understand where you are. I have been there myself.  As a chef I work grueling hours 12 hour shifts on my feet  and fell into the trap of not eating healthy and  not taking care of myself. I paid the price of not looking after my health.  I've gained 10 pounds of unnecessary weight felt sluggish and uninspired and my Starbucks Barista and I had a personal relationship. I didn't like looking at life, just feeling dark all the time and having cloudy thinking and dwindling creativity.

Growing up with two working parents in New York City it was my responsibility to cook dinner (making sure it was on the table by 7pm). Trial and error reading recipes on the back of food boxes and collecting recipes from the newspaper is how I learned to cook.  All while balancing school and sports. Throughout my life I always thought everyone else's family was the same way - homecooked meals every night with no problem.

It wasn't until my late 20's and 30’s where my views on how people ate and took care of themselves was challenged.  I witnessed how my colleagues would rush around and grab anything to eat and drink, never thinking about what they were putting into their mouths. It didn’t seem to occur to them to eat wholesome, home cooked foods or how eating with the bad habits that they were was contributing to things like weight gain, lack of energy, poor sleep and difficulty in concentrating.  
While climbing up the corporate ladder things for me dramatically changed. One week after Barack Obama was inaugurated I got a call that I was being laid off. I guess it's really time for "CHANGE".

Gourmet Diva was born…

I didn't want to go back to a traditional job, I wanted to fuel my passion for entrepreneurship, cooking, empowerment, curiosity and connecting to others.  While talking to others about the general topic of food, many of my friends starting discussing their health problems as well as transitioning into veganism - at that time it is was not as mainstream and ‘cool’.  They were suffering from poor health and poor food choices, lack of time and didn't know where to start. They were trapped in a fast food cycle, grabbing convenient snacks and food which didn’t support their health and in fact, contributed to things such as lack of good sleep, focus, energy, and productivity.

It was through these discussions that I made the conscious decision to learn more about the importance of the connection between what we eat and how we feel, taking time to practice self-care with a balance of fitness, proper nutrition, rest, meditation, and creating a healthy mindset. I'm deeply inspired to assist professionals on how to incorporate wholesome food and healthy habits into their lives for total balance.

I love to cook and prepare whole foods, reduce my reliance on processed and packaged foods. As a personal chef, I am able to continue living the life I love while working with others to help them live theirs. I don't have all the answers, but I have a commitment to helping people find the answers they need, to achieve their own personal goals, feel happier, healthier, and more connected to the unique gift of their personal experience.

Professional Bio:

Keesha O’Galdez is a personal chef. She has completed the Chef's training program at the  Natural Gourmet Institute for Culinary Arts in New York City. Focusing on organic, vegetarian, vegan and other health supportive diets. Also a BS in Information Systems Engineering from Buffalo University -  SUNY and a MBA from Simmons College in Boston, MA. Worked in the non profit, academic, public and financial sectors in as a project consultant an operations manager. She has graced the kitchens as a Pastry Chef in Smith Canteen in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, Amys Bread,  and Smile to Go in Soho and savory as a catering chef at Patina Events and Oliver Chang. You may have seen Chef Keesha on multiple episodes of
Epicurious’s 50 Person Prep challenge webseries that has reached over 10 million views.