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Wine 101

Need to impress your client, boss or date? You don’t have to be a sommelier to order from the wine list, but sometimes it feels that way. If you’re overwhelmed by the seemingly endless regions, grapes, and producers, this class is for you. Through a guided tastings and discussion, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how wine is made, served, and enjoyed so that at your next dinner, you’ll feel confident taking charge of the wine list.

50 Shades of Pink

Rosé actually boasts at least 50 Shades of Pink… Delve into a vivid selection of wines in this class...Spanning several styles, did you know some renditions of rose-tinted wine actually improve with age on account of their in-built tension, fine-grained tannin, understated power and layers of complexity, seriously rivaling their red and white counterparts to be the best wines for the dining table?

Under the Tuscan Sun An Italian Journey

Wine tasting through six wine regions in Italy. Our journey will begin with a sparkling wine from Prosecco, then we head south to Campania for an interesting white. After, we will turn to reds from Tuscany, the mountains of Sicily and complete the event in the hills of Piedmont

A Night In Spain

We’ll learn all about Spain and its wines, regions, grapes, and more on this informative yet fun class as we discuss a selection of red and white wines from different regions of Spain. Ranging from the very classic Riojas to some off-the-beaten path Txakolis or Island wines, we’ll learn about the history of Spain, the old and new Denominations of Origens, grapes, laws, styles and of course, which regions to visit next

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