Kids Online Summer Camp

Because we all deserve to have something to look forward to this summer!


Join us this summer for our virtual cooking camp. We have one session in July and one in August.  Camps will run Monday - Thursday both from 1-4pm EST for a demonstration style class. Your child will work with one of our chefs.

You're encouraged to cook along, ask questions & have fun.

Summer Camp is for cooking-curious people between ages 7 and 13 and at all cooking levels.

Each session has a max capacity of 10 devices.

So please register early to ensure a spot! 

Registration CLOSES Session 1 on July 13th


August Session (4 Days)

August 10 - 13 2020

ASIA - Taste of Thailand

July Session (4 Days)

July 27 - 30 2020

MEXICO - Mexican Street Food

AFRICA - Rocking in Morocco

ASIA - Taste of Thailand

BACKYARD BBQ - CAMPFIRE - S'mores & Homemade Marshmallows - With Guest Pastry Chef- Colleen Grapes


Our virtual cooking camp is designed to offer kids the opportunity to cook independently this summer, guided by our chef-instructors. Classes are designed for little to no parental involvement.

Taking risks, learning from mistakes, following directions, fostering creativity, curiosity, and resilience, becoming independent, and trying new things: these are qualities we seek to develop in our children and there’s no better place to nurture them than the kitchen.

These classes allow us to connect while we build foundational culinary skills and learn about preparing nutritious foods in a fun and engaging format.

At camp we’ll explore some cool themes, dishes and learn some life skills as well. With a focus on international cuisine and food history, students will learn about the origins of some of the world’s favorite ingredients and dishes.

INGREDIENTS: Since you will be purchasing the groceries for  camp, there is a lot of flexibility if your family is vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, so don’t hesitate to ask about ingredient alternatives. Recipes are kept with “pantry cooking” in mind as much as possible. 

CLEAN-UP!: To ensure that parents are not left with a ton of dishes at the end of every class, we are devoting 15 minutes at the end of every class to kitchen organization and clean-up.  

PRICING: $195 per session (+$50 per sibling)

Two weeks before your summer camp session, you will receive a Zoom video link and list of ingredients & equipment needed for class via email.


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